A simple matter in God’s sight.

And this is a simple matter in the sight of the Lord; He will also deliver the Moabites into your hand. – 2 Kings 3:18

Elisha had received the mantle of Elijah and a double portion of his spirit rested upon him. During Elisha’s role as preeminent prophet in Samaria, the three kings of Israel, Judah, and Edom approached him about the matter of fighting the Moabites. The prophet told them that God said to prepare to have the valley in which they would do battle to be filled with water although the valley would see no rain. When the enemy approached the water, they saw it as blood-red and thought that Israel and Judah and Edom had turned on each other. The Moabites then proceeded to glean what they thought would be a great spoil only to find the three armies awaiting to destroy them, which they did just as the prophet of God had said and to which God saw as a simple matter.

Today, God tells me to look at the struggles (or battles if you will) in my life and says to me, “they are but a simple matter in my sight.” Many times in life we look at our problems and tend to let them overcome us out of fear, doubt, or worry. God, on the other hand, tells us that through Jesus we are more than conquerors. He even asked Moses eons ago, “Is there anything too difficult for the LORD?”

Do we really believe that God is, as the songwriter wrote, bigger than all my problems, bigger than all my fears, and bigger than any mountain that I can or cannot see??? God tells me, today, to stand still and see his salvation! Just as he turned over the Moabites into the hands of Israel, Judah, and Edom (all family by the way), He will overturn my enemies and give me the victory over the battles in my life.

The beauty of it all is that what seems insurmountable to me is really only “a simple matter in the sight of the LORD.” So why should I fret and worry over the little stuff? Peter told us to throw down (cast) all our cares to Jesus because He cares for us. I am doing that very thing today. Will you join me in the battle over sin and over the enemy’s attempts at wrecking our lives and allow God to deliver victory into our hands? Join me! To God be the glory for the complete and total victory!

Father, thank you for bringing about total victory over death, hell and the grave and setting me free from the death grip of sin! What looks like a skyscraper of a mountain problem in my life is nothing more than a bump in the road for you. My greatest problems are the simplest of matters to you. Thus, I cast my cares on you and stand still to see your salvation in my life. Thank you, again, for the victory! You take the burden off me and carry it on your shoulders. In Jesus’ name, Amen.