Obedience results in blessing.

The woman proceeded to do as the man of God said. She and her family went away and stayed in the land of the Philistines seven years. – 2 Kings 7:2

Elisha the prophet informed the Shunamite woman, who had been hospitable to him, that  famine was coming to Israel, and she should leave the country and go where she’d be able to live during the famine. She did as Elisha said and went to live in Philistia for the seven years of the famine. Once the famine ended, she returned to Israel and received again all her lands and the profits from the crops produced by it. She obeyed God, and God rewarded her.

As the old Christmas song says, “do you hear what I hear?” I hear God telling me to be obedient to HIM and trust HIM in this time of famine in my life. I may have made some tough, harsh choices in the not-too-distant past that negatively impacted my life, but I still hear GOD talking to me and telling me to TRUST HIM! Much like the Shunamite woman, I want to hear the Word of the LORD and obey! Doing so will bring about God’s blessing in my life. Not trusting GOD will result in failure and vast disappointment.

The man of God, who penned the book of 2 Kings, is telling me to hear the Word of the LORD and do as HE says. IF I do so, there will be reward. If the Shunamite had enough faith to trust the prophet of God and received again all she had lost, THEN I will heed her example of faith and listen to God, also. One theme of the Bible is that obedience always brings blessing OR blessing is always preceded by obedience. This theme holds true throughout the Bible. Thus, I am going to “trust and obey, for there is no other way than to trust in Jesus,” just as another old hymn said.

Father, I turned tail and ran from my problems just 2.5 months ago. I tried to trust in Your leading but allowed fear and pride and discontent to overcome me. Thus, I ran away from You rather than turning toward You! Please forgive me for unbelief and distrust. Sir, I hear the CLEAR MESSAGE You send me today, trust and obey! It will bring blessing and reward even through the hardest of times, like a famine! I am in a spiritual famine and economic famine at this time because of my doing, and my doing alone. You had provided, but I got scared and hid. Please forgive me, Father. I will trust in You and stand still to see Your salvation! Thank You! In Jesus’ name, Amen.