Don’t fear the little lying voices.

Do not be afraid of the words which you have heard, with which the servants of the king of Assyria have blasphemed me. – 2 Kings 19:6

In the reign of Hezekiah, king of Judah, Assyria’s army marched against Jerusalem and taunted the people by saying that Assyria would do to Judah what it had done to Israel and all the other nations around Israel. The Assyrian army was the greatest of that day, but God was (and is) stronger than any god or army. God told the king of Judah not to worry about the taunts the Assyrians made. Those taunts were directed more at Him versus the people  of Judah. God promised to dispel the Assyrian army and defend His city where His name was placed, and He did. He drove out the Assyrians.

What “words which you have heard” from the satanic hordes have you heard lately trying to intimidate you and scare you into thinking that you are and will be defeated – in any and every situation?  It doesn’t matter what things little voices have tried to whisper into your head. The truth is that there is no weapon formed against you that will prosper. You are an overcomer in Jesus. You have victory over sin and emotions and troubles in this life because Jesus bore our sin and guilt and shame and penalty of death on the cross. He paid the ultimate price and suffered a humiliation beyond reason to allow us to have life, victory, and freedom! Therefore, are we walking in defeat because of listening to and believing lies from the enemy telling us we are no good and will never succeed in Jesus? OR, are we walking in the newness of life, the overly abundant to the full life, which Jesus promised? IF we aren’t, then we need to seek His kingdom and His righteousness FIRST, THEN ALL the needs of this life will be provided for us. We just have to trust in Jesus and walk after Him, and the enemy has already been defeated! Let’s live life the way God intends – in victory through His Spirit!

Father, I simply ask that You teach me more today on how to hear Your voice more clearly, so that I may be able to know it, trust it, and walk according to it. I have heard many lying voices doing their best to beset me and convince me that I’m sunk; however, I know who holds my hand and who leads me through green pastures to lie down near still waters and causes me to have no wants – YOU! Thank You! I listen for the voice of the Good Shepherd and will not heed the voice of wolves in sheep’s clothing. In Jesus’ name, Amen.