A good name is to be desired more than riches or things.

The son of Carmi: Achar, who brought trouble on Israel by violating the ban on taking devoted things.1 Chronicles 2:7

In the opening chapters of 1 Chronicles, we read of the genealogies of the patriarchs, their fathers, and their descendants. Among the descendants of Jacob is Achar, who is known as the troubler of Israel. He received this moniker because in the wilderness, God told Israel to destroy the entire city of Jericho and take nothing for themselves. All the treasures of the city were to be dedicated to God, yet Achan (in Joshua 7 and Achar here) took some treasures for himself and buried them. His sin caused the Israelites to lose a battle to a very weak, small army. He brought trouble on his people.

The Bible tells us that a good name is to be desired above even great riches, even over gold and silver, but Achan chose greed and sin over following the commands of God. This leads me to think about my actions, words, and thoughts. What kind of legacy am I leaving here on the earth? What kind of person am I known by other people? I don’t really concern myself with what others think of me, but more importantly, what kind of witness and example of a disciple of Jesus am I portraying to the lost of this world? Paul said to the Colossians to do all things as though unto Jesus. Am I consciously thinking about the impact my words, thoughts, and actions are having on others? Do I even care? Am I so callous and hard-hearted to think that I can just do whatever I want and not have an impact, good or bad, on people? Everything I think, say, and do affects me and all around me. I want to have a good name above riches and don’t want to bring reproach upon God’s name because of my wrongdoing.

Father, help me to see the greater impact that my thoughts, words, and deeds have on others. Help me to learn the importance of living right before You and never turning to the left or the right but remaining on the narrow path to life, which You’ve set before me. Help me to walk in Your Spirit and have positive impact on people that they may see the good deeds I do and give glory to You and desire to be a fellow believer and disciple of Jesus. I don’t want to be known as a troubler. Thank You, in Jesus’ name, Amen.