Always inquire of God before doing anything.

We did not inquire of him about how to do it in the prescribed way.
– 1 Chronicles 15:13

David wanted to bring the ark of the covenant back to the Zion, where he’d placed a new tabernacle for it. He and his men transported in on a cart back toward Judah, but the oxen stumbled causing the ark to shift. Uzzah reached out to steady it but dropped dead from touching it. God had told Moses that only the Levites were to handle the ark and then only with the staves designed to carry it. David had not inquired of God on how to properly transport the ark. Thus, one of his men paid the price for it despite the fact that at his coronation and in pursuit of his enemies, David inquired of God whether to do those things. Interesting, very interesting.

Why is it that sometimes we ask God what’s the right thing to do, but at other times we just do what we want? I hear God showing me the necessity and importance of doing things His way each and every time. For one, it is the best way of doing things even when the process makes no logical or earthly sense to us. He uses the foolish to confound the wise of the world! David’s men paid a high price the day they tried to carry the ark by cart rather than by Levite priests. What price are we paying today for not doing things God’s way? Jesus told us that He is THE WAY, the truth , and the life. There is no other way to God but through Jesus. IF that’s the case, then doesn’t it make sense that there is no other real way of doing things except how God desires and designs?

Father, help me to be aware of all that I’m doing and to be sure that I come to You for direction in everything I do from the smallest to the greatest. My steps are ordered of You, and I acknowledge You in everything that You may guide my steps. Have mercy upon me. Show me the errors of my ways and the necessity of relying on You. In Jesus’