Show grace and kindness to all, despite others.

David said, “I will be king to Hanun the son of Nachash, because his father showed grace to me.” – 1 Chronicles 19:2 (CJB)

David had heard of the death of Nachash, a neighboring king who showed kindness to David in the past. To show honor and respect to the deceased king, David sent an envoy to the new king, Nachash’s son, Hanun. Hanun’s advisors didn’t believe that David was honest in his comforting gift and suspected the envoy had come to spy out the land. They raised an army and went to battle againstIsrael, but they were defeated and made subjects of David andIsrael.

Grace is an interesting topic. We try to define it in so many ways,  but as we saw in the previous reading, Grace from God is simply Jesus, himself. Nachash showed grace to David because he considered him a friend and good king overIsrael. His son’s advisors thought differently and tried to come against David but paid for it with the defeat of their country and being made servants of Israel.

David did the right thing and tried to pay homage to his deceased friend through kindness to his son. The heart of David was pure in this act and showed us the proper attitude to take toward those to whom honor is due. Sometimes, though, our acts of kindness are not always received as such. People may suspect our motives and question our actions because of issues they have. However, we know through the life of Jesus, that the correct response is to love our enemies, do good to them that hate us, and pray for those that despitefully use us. Jesus even taught us to turn the other cheek in such situations.

The golden rule should take priority here in that we treat others the way we want them to treat us. The recipient of our love may not accept our love, but we love them anyway. By doing good to those that despise us, we show the world our good deeds that they may in turn glorify the Father. Keep on fighting the good fight of faith, but lay down arms if someone rebuffs you. We don’t wrestle against people. We overcome the enemy through Jesus’ blood and the word of our testimony. Is your testimony one of love and grace or one of revenge and holding a grudge???

Father, help me to have a good attitude toward all people. I don’t want to discount anyone because everyone has potential in them. You see the inside of people not just the shell on the outside. I want to be one, like David, who loved people and honored those who deserved honor but also blessed those who may not even deserve it. You loved us and blessed us with eternal life although we don’t deserve it. Help me to show your love and grace to everyone. In Jesus’ name, Amen.