May God give you common sense and understanding.

May Adonai give you common sense and understanding…  – 1 Chronicles 22:12 (CJB)

David had grown old. He neared the end of his physical life and reign as king of Israel. God had chosen Solomon to sit as the next king of Israel, so David instructed his son in the matters of building the temple for God that the Spirit revealed to David. Part of the talk with Solomon included guidance on making sure he followed the LORD and obeyed his commandments. David blessed his son by praying for him that God would give him common sense and understanding.

There are two elusive things in this world: common sense and understanding. These two go hand-in-hand because without the one the other seems lacking. A person can understand all that there is to know, but that person had better have some common sense about how to approach and deal with matters. Conversely, if a person has common sense but doesn’t know how to apply it, it is all for nothing.

In the army, I heard an old adage – “Common sense isn’t common.” This statement is so true! Look around and see how many people possess “common” sense. Common sense really isn’t common. Many people may have an idea about something or how to approach a situation, but isn’t there always that one person in life who has a God-given connection to wisdom and understanding? That wise, understanding person knows how to get the job done with a heart full of love, grace, and patience. Let us seek the heart and mind of God the Father that we, too, may have common sense and understanding in all matters of life that his will may be done in the earth.

Father, you spoke to Solomon in a dream one night and asked him what he desired. His response was wisdom to rule your people, and you granted his request and gave him many other wonderful things that he could’ve asked for instead. I, like him, ask for wisdom and understanding that I may be able to rule my life, assist others in the journey of life to find you, and to be of service to your kingdom. Thank you for all you’ve given me. As David said, everything is yours from the beginning, including me. I want to walk in your Spirit and be led by Him that I may do all that you ask of me. In Jesus’ name, Amen.