Be a person of integrity; God sees your heart.

I know also, my God, that you test the heart and take pleasure in integrity. – 1 Chronicles 29:17 (CJB)

As David approached the end of his life and reign, he blessed the people and introduced Solomon as the next king over Israel. He, then, prayed for the people and to God and stated that he knew God tests man’s heart and delights in people of integrity. The king went on to advise his son, the next king, to walk in all the commandments of God and to obey them. God would give him success and establish his reign forever if he did so. David was a man of integrity despite his big mistakes of adultery and murder because God forgave him of those sins and knew David’s heart was set on living for God.

Have you given much thought to the words of God when David, the teenage shepherd, was anointed king ofIsrael by Samuel? God said that man looks on the outward appearance while He looks on the heart of a person. We judge by sight while God judges by insight. We can’t really know the heart of a person, but God does. People tend to do things when no one else is around, but those actions show who the real person is.

We’ve all done things that we don’t want others to know, but do we continue to walk in secret things that are done only in the sight of God? Does hypocrisy bear even a seed in our lives? God forbid! The LORD speaks a word of wisdom to me, today, and says to me what David said to his son, ‘[God tests] the heart and [takes] pleasure in integrity.”

I want to walk in the will of the LORD and be known as a man of integrity. I want to have it said of me, “He is a man of his word and does nothing to bring reproach upon God or himself.” I don’t want to be hypocritical and do things when no one else is looking, save God, and then go and pretend to be someone I’m not. What we do in private speaks more about who we are than what is done in public because your heart is exposed in the private times.

Father, I repent of the things I’ve thought, said, and done in private or muttered under my breath that may have been done in anger, pride, selfishness, or some other detestable, sinful attitude. Forgive me of my wrongs. I bow to you and submit all of me to you, your majesty. Teach me how to walk in uprightness and with a heart of integrity. May I be found like David to search my heart and find any wrong thing in me but instead walk in love and grace and be full of integrity. It’s not easy to be humble and serve others and do what’s right; nevertheless, teach me to walk in your ways and be your humble, loving servant and son. In Jesus’name, Amen.