Resistance is futile.

O children of Israel, fight not against the LORD God of your fathers, for ye shall not prosper. – 2 Chronicles 13:12b

Abijah succeeded Rehoboam to the throne of Judah, now that the northern tribes seceded and formed another kingdom under the rule of Jeroboam, the son of Nebat. Jeroboam came to fight against Judah and capture them, so Abijah consulted the LORD God and trusted in him to deliverJudah fromIsrael. God honored the righteous king, Abijah, and handed overIsrael to them in an embarrassing defeat.

Have you fought against the LORD latterly? I have without even fully realizing it. We can do things in our own abilities and not even realize that we are fighting against God. God showed me today where I was going against his will for me. He would never force his will upon me, but he will convict me of my wrongs. IF I go my way rather than follow his lead, how can I expect to prosper??? Most so-called Christians want God to bless their will and follow them RATHER THAN following God and being blessed for their obedience. The true Christian life is one of obedience and trust in God where he leads, not him following us and blessing our plans.

Father, forgive me for walking in my light and by my decisions rather than fully trusting you and being obedient to your will. You are my source, my deliverer, my redeemed, and my Father. Your ways are so much higher and righteous than mine! How dare I not heed your ways and do your will? I come before you in remorse for my arrogance and pride. I humble myself under your mighty hand and ask for your guidance. In Jesus’ name, Amen.