We follow God and are blessed; he doesn’t follow us.

And the LORD was with Jehoshaphat, because he …sought…the LORD God of his father, and walked in his commandments, and not after the doings of Israel. – 2 Chronicles 17:3-4

Jehoshaphat was the son of Asa, the king of Judah. He was a man who followed after God in the way and heart of David, his 4X-great grandfather. Jehoshaphat chose to follow the commandments of God and seek out God in all that he did, except the time he joined forces with Ahab, king of Israel. However, God loved him and forgave him for his alliance with this evil king because there was good in his heart and had walked in the ways of David.

Now we see the beauty of one who follows God and is blessed of God in the story of Jehoshaphat. I see God speaking the truth of our erring ways. God doesn’t follow our choices and then bless us. No! We have to obey his choices for our lives and then receive his blessing. David, Jehoshaphat, and later on Hezekiah and Josiah would demonstrate to us what it is to be the obedient children of God, who receive his blessing. We cannot do our own thing and expect God to put his stamp of approval on it! God doesn’t roll like that. It’s his way or the highway. There are no exceptions.

Father, help me, please, to live a life that is pleasing to you, as did the men of the Great God mentioned above. They all made mistakes in their lives, but you chose to bless them for their obedience to you. I tried for so long to get you to approve my wants and desires and follow me instead of me following you and receiving your blessing. My life would have been so much easier through time if I had followed you and been obedient to your word. Help me to follow the narrow path that leads to life. In Jesus’ name, Amen.