Do & say only what God says.

But Mikhay’u answered, “As ADONAI lives, whatever my God says is what I will say.” – 2 Chronicles 18:13 (CJB)

Jehoshaphat was king of Judah, and Ahab was king of Israel. They were related to one another through Jehoshaphat’s marriage to a relative of Ahab. The two decided to join forces together against the army of Aram. Ahab had all his prophets of Baal prophesy as to whether they should go up against this army, and all the prophets said, “Go,” because God was with them. However, Jehoshaphat wanted to consult with a prophet of ADONAI. So, Ahab sent for Micaiah, and the servant sent to him nearly demanded that he agree with the prophets of Baal, who had all said that the kings should go into battle. Micaiah, on the other hand, refused to say anything but what God, ADONAI, would tell him, which later turned out to be the death knell for Ahab.

What do I take away from this verse, today? I’m not to let other people try to influence what I think, say, or do. My trust must be in the LORD and in him alone. If and when he speaks to me, I need to ensure that what I reiterate is exactly what he’s telling me and not the whim of someone else or even me. Thus, I take time to pause to today and ensure that what I am writing here is verbatim what I hear God speaking to me. And, again, what I hear is that I need to be sure that what I think, say, and do is just what God told me, and nothing less or nothing more. The impact that my words have on others is crucial because there is power of life and death in the tongue, or even in the written word.

Father, help me to ensure that what I share with others in my devotions, here, is truly the revelation that you’ve given to me. I don’t want to write things of human understanding or wisdom, but only of your wisdom and understanding. Holy Spirit, I implore you to teach me to hear your voice ever clearer each and every day. I want to transfer only your divine revelation, not mine. In Jesus’ name, Amen.