God uses unbelievers, even, to speak to us.

God has ordered to speed me along; so don’t meddle with God, who is with me; so that he won’t destroy you. – 2 Chronicles 35:21d

Josiah, the grandson of Hezekiah, was now king of Judah and was one of the greatest of the Israelite kings and probably second only to Solomon in his pursuit of God with all of his heart and soul. Despite his extreme devotion to God and his turning neither to the left or right when it came to God’s word, he still managed to find a time of pride that led to his ultimate fall. He decided to engage Pharaoh Necho in battle, and Necho even told him that he had no business with him. His battle was with another nation, whom the LORD had sent him to conquer. Nevertheless, Josiah would not relent and even disguised himself in battle so as to wage war on Necho. Josiah ignored God’s warning from Necho and lost his life in a needless conflict.

God speaks to us in many ways. He may speak to us through nature, through ourselves, through other believers, and he may even use an unbeliever once in a while. Josiah was bent on doing his thing rather than consult God about going into battle against Pharaoh. Necho told him that the battle was with someone else, but he would have none of that. Well, what have you and I done in spite of a message we might have received from God, even one from an unbeliever?

I know there have been times where I refused a message from God’s servants and even from those that we would call an unbeliever. I’ve been hard-headed enough to dispatch and even discount someone because I thought that I knew better than them, without realizing that person had been sent of God! WOW! Accordingly, I hear God telling me to become more sensitive to his Spirit and listen to his guidance. If not, he may have to send an unbeliever my way (or yours) or in a worse-case scenario a Balaam’s donkey!

Father, help me to get it inside my thick skull that you desire quiet time alone with you from me. Life has been upside down for the last few months, and it has seemed extremely difficult to commune with you at times. I know it all falls on me and my choices, for which I’ve regretted many. I hear you loud and clear today about tuning to you and getting refocused and walking again in humility before just as your word declares. Otherwise, I may have a Necho coming my way. Thank you. I love you, Dad. In Jesus’ name, Amen.