Do your words & actions reflect Godliness or rebellion?

 They claim to know God, but by their actions they deny him. They are detestable, disobedient and unfit for doing anything good. – Titus 1:16

Paul told Titus to go around and appoint leaders in the churches he’d established. He gave specific guidelines as to who may be in those positions of local authority within the church. At the end of his short letter, Paul wrote that there are people who are rebellious and teaching false messages to pollute the body and turn people away from the faith. These people, he said, claim to know God but deny him through their actions. They are unfit for anything good.

Are we really who we say we are? Are we living by God’s holy word? Or, do we take his word and tramp on it like dirt under our feet? This short passage from this short letter really thumped me in the head today. I claim to know God, and love him, but do my actions state otherwise? Sure, I will occasionally do things that are wrong, but do I continually live as though God were not the center of my life? Are my thoughts, deeds, and words reflecting a heart within me that really loves God? WOW! I need to take an inventory of my heart and actions. I know I love God and know him, but I need to know him more each day. The only way to do so is to spend time with him in prayer and reading his word. True love for God and truly knowing him will show outwardly in our behavior toward others. Thus, Jesus and Paul said that the Old Testament is summed up in the words, Love your neighbor as yourself.

Father, what a stern message for me today. Have my actions truly reflected my love for you? Or, have they spoken another message about the heart of me that might have even the slightest appearance of rebellion? Heaven forbid. However, I open my heart to you and ask that you shine your glory on my life. Reveal the areas that need attention and work. I want my every thought, word, and deed to do nothing but reflect your love, mercy, and grace in me. Thank you for loving me. In Jesus’ name, Amen.