Don’t stir up the wrong fire.

Promise me, O women of Jerusalem,
by the gazelles and wild deer,
not to awaken love until the time is right. – Song of Solomon 2:7

A young woman in the court of Solomon, who had a husband, speaks of her great love for her spouse. She utterly adores him and all that he is. Her passion for him is most intense and fuels a fire in her for him, as it should be. In her passionate account of her love for her man, she warns the other young women around her not to spark a fire before its time. The fire of passion and love is meant by God for the man and woman who have been put together by God in holy matrimony and not before or outside of it.

The LORD is a consuming fire, nay a devouring fire, depending upon the translation you read. His fire burns off the chaff and melts away the dross that was sin in our lives. His fire from his Spirit gives us the urge and drive to live for him and do his will, not ours.

However! There is a fire that burns in the hearts of men and women, which once started is hard to extinguish. That fire is the fire of love and passion. Paul warns us to marry a spouse rather than burn with the fire of lust and passion.

The young lady in the Song of Solomon warns her female friends, and to us all by Spirit-inspiration, to not even kindle let alone spark that fiery love until it’s time, which is in the bonds of holy matrimony.

If you “burn” with the fire of passion as Paul stated, then you do so because of your own lusts as James stated. Be careful not to stir up what you can’t handle or should not do until it’s appropriate. Solomon warned us that no man can embrace a fire without burning his chest.

Seek the love of the one who designed love and marriage. Put his love first above all and pray for his direction regarding a future spouse. Be patient and wait upon the Lord’s guidance. Anything less could spell disaster.

Father, you know that I have had many a failed relationship and failed marriages because I did not seek you in those matters. Help me to dedicate my life solely to the purpose of your kingdom and what you would have me to do. Many a temptation has come and enticed me to walk away from the narrow path and venture over to the path that leads to destruction. Give me strength through your grace to stand strong in the face of such things and to be strong in your might by your Spirit to overcome the enemy’s ploys by the blood of the Lamb and the word of my testimony. Let my testimony be that I walked away from temptation and lived and did not spark something that could have consumed me. I desire nothing but your holy fire from your Spirit to consume. May my passion be for you and your Word. In accordance with your will and the holy name of your Son, Jesus, Amen.