The sorrow of relying upon human strength.

What sorrow awaits those who look to Egypt for help, trusting their horses, chariots, and charioteers and depending on the strength of human armies instead of looking to the Lord, the Holy One of Israel. – Isaiah 31:1

The prophet relayed a message to the people of Israel, who had from time to time in their history relied upon the strength of neighboring kings to defend them rather than relying upon their King, the LORD, to deliver them and save them.

How often do we stiff arm the LORD and refuse to turn to Him for our rescue, salvation, and freedom? We, humans, tend to think that we are self-sufficient and can do it all. Well, the Bible is perfectly clear here in Isaiah and elsewhere that we cannot save ourselves. Zechariah would later deliver the word that it’s not by our power or our might but by the Spirit of the LORD! Paul wrote to us that in our weakness Jesus is made perfect and that His grace is more than enough to get us through the day or situation.

The Israelites had a knack for relying upon everyone else but God to deliver them from their enemies and hard times until they realized that they were not going to be freed until God intervened. Then, they would cry out to God during their oppression, to which God would respond and send them a deliverer. God has sent us the ultimate Deliverer, His Son Jesus. Thus, why do we go around defeated and full of misery? Because we refuse to rely upon the LORD and His strength to set us free and do for us what only He can do! Relying upon human strength will always fail and end up a disaster.

Let us learn from the mistakes of others in the past and turn our eyes and attention to the LORD of heaven’s armies! Look upon the One whom they pierced but is able to save. There is no other who can save us except Jesus. HE alone is able to save. Trust in Him and walk in freedom. Don’t rely upon yourself or others to carry you through the day or situation you are in. Trust in the LORD!

Father, too many times I have tried to accomplish things on my own and failed miserably. From the smallest to the greatest issue in my life, I need to trust in You to get the job done. Help me to walk in humility that reveres the One who is able. It truly is by Your Spirit alone that I am able to do anything. I look to no other but You! Thank You for saving me again and again and delivering me out of all my troubles. Praise be to You, O King and Father. Amen.