Watch & see the attacks on those, who stand up for the truth of Jesus!

Yes, truth is gone, and anyone who renounces evil is attacked.Isaiah 59:15

The prophet iterated a litany of chargers against the people of Israel and Judah as to why God had turned his back on them and all in regard to their sins. When Isaiah rattled off several of these charges, he came to the point where he stated that truth in Israel had disappeared. This was so because people hardened their hearts and sought to fulfill their wishes and abandoned their God in the process. Even in the courts of Judah and Israel there was no justice, and anyone who stood against evil became attacked as an enemy of the state.

Has anyone noticed the prophetic tone of this passage in relation to the current and near future status of justice and righteousness in America? Isaiah may well have changed the name of Israel for America in his prediction. The legal system of this country slowly erodes the personal liberties granted to us by God, our creator, and perverts justice in the name of equality and tolerance.

There are several fringe organizations that are doing their best to rewrite the American system of law and do so for their personal benefit. These socialist organizations claim that their personal freedoms are being trounced upon because they deviate from the God-designed pattern for their existence. They preach to us the doctrine of tolerance but are the first to jump all over anyone who opposes their agendas. Much of this has come about through the post-modern erosion of faith in God. Then, when one champions a cause that repudiates the leftist agenda of the fringe elements of society, the right is bashed and labeled intolerant.

History has taught us that any nation that abandons God will suffer judgment. Well, our great nation that was founded on Godly principles has taken that turn for the worst and abandoned the God of heaven, who blessed her with the greatest cache of natural and human resources the world has ever known. Our time has come. Those that rise up against the current tide of leftist agendas will only be shot down and mowed over by the opposition. And, why does this happen? Because people have turned away from God including large numbers of so-called “Christians” or better phrased, “Churchians.”

The leftists want us to believe that whatever happens happens and is the way to go. They preach that truth is relative to the one perceiving their world to be truth. The Bible warns us that there is a way that seems right to a person but leads to destruction. It also teaches us to not lean on our understanding but to trust in the LORD. Elsewhere it states that blessed is the nation whose God is the LORD. Well, we’ve kicked him out of our schools, taught false doctrines in his house, and accepted the way of the world as gospel. It’s time to restore truth, for Jesus is the only Truth, who leads us down the narrow path to life. We can extend the period of God’s blessing on our nation if we will but truly humble ourselves, turn from our evil ways, and seek his forgiveness. My fellow brethren are starting to see the fulfillment of people being attacked for withstanding the tide of leftism and speaking out against the lies that they perpetrate on society and fool people into believing as truth. May your will be done in America once again. In Jesus’ name, Amen.

Father, it pains me to know that my nation has but a short time left in this Age of Grace. Our people think it’s perfectly okay to kill the unborn innocents. They are slaughtered by the millions. We’ve become irreverent for your ways. We have even begun going down the slippery slope of turning our backs on your chosen people, Israel. Help us, please. Turn your ear to our prayers and extend the life of America like you did that of Hezekiah. Look what we’ve done to expand your kingdom and to bring souls into that kingdom. May our petition be presented to you and find favor with you.