Is the Church doing what God commands-Loving one another?

Love means doing what God has commanded us, and he has commanded us to love one another…-2 John 1:6

John wrote a personal letter to a dear lady in the faith. He opened his letter with kind words about the love of God being in the believers and for them to continue in that love. Also, he wrote that there really is no new commandment, but there is one that was old but needed restated in a practical sense. God commanded us to love him with all we are and to love one another as we love ourselves. Thus, John concluded that to love means doing what God commands, and God has commanded us to love one another.

Are we loving one another in the body/church/bride of Christ? (As we speak in churchese)  There is so much bitterness, anger, conceit, pride, deception, and other evil inside the four walls of our brick and mortar buildings we call church. Why is that? Why are people of the loving God so not filled with his love? Is this the real reason why the “unchurched” or unsaved don’t want any part of the “family” of God because they see the chaos inside and don’t want to participate??? If we are not setting the Godly example of loving one another, then why would anyone, believer or sinner, want to come to our places of gathering to fellowship and “be equipped to do every GOOD work”? We have got to seek the LORD and spend more time loving him first before we can even love one another. The bride of the Savior needs to be washed by the water of the Word to be presented holy, spotless, and blameless before her betrothed! Let’s set aside petty differences, drop the facades, and start really loving one another through self-less sacrifice in honor of our God the Father and in respect for the price Jesus the Son paid with his life and blood.

Father, help me to rid myself of any and all malice, greed, anger, lust, bitterness, strife, evil, slander, gossip, hate, and any other wrongful thing that Peter, Paul, and others spoke of in your holy scriptures. I want to hear your voice clearly through both your Spirit and the written word of the Bible. Take that word, Father, and wash me clean and make me pure before you through the blood and righteousness of Jesus. I want to be made holy, pure, and spotless by being washed by the water of the Word. I humble myself before you, today, and accept any correction or rebuke that you need to do in me. Help me to grow and be more like you daily. Thank you for loving me. In Jesus’ name, Amen.