Called to my people, who are of the nations.

I am not sending you to a foreign people whose language you cannot understand. – Ezekiel 3:5

In the opening of the book by the same name as the prophet in it, Ezekiel, we learn of his commission to speak the messages of God to the people of God, the Jews, living in Babylonian exile. The LORD warns him that the people are obstinate and won’t listen to him any more than they listen to God, himself. Nevertheless, God commissions him to go to the Jews and tell them what God has to say concerning them and their future. In his commissioning, Ezekiel receives word from God that he won’t be going to a people who speak another language but will actually go to his own people, who will be able to hear and understand him as much as he will do likewise with them.

Today God speaks to me from this commissioning of this prophet and tells me that there will be times for me to travel to foreign lands and assist others there in sharing the truth of God’s word with the lost in those nations. However, God tells this “son of man,” who his commissioning is much like that of Ezekiel. I am a messenger to my people here in the USA. God called me several years ago to walk in his paths and trust him, which would result in my being used in an apostolic/prophetic work. The latter of the two occurred for the past few years, and I thought that I was called along the lines of Jeremiah and would go to the nations, actually standing on foreign soil.

On the contrary, I have been called to the “nations” but not in a foreign travel sense but to minister to the many peoples of foreign lands living right here in the USA. We are a nation of foreigners. We have all grown to learn the American English (if we do are civic part and become part of the fabric of this country rather than hold out), so that we can understand one another. Thus, God has called and commissioned me to take his end-time messages to this nation, as I have done numerous times this month alone right here on this daily devotion blog. It reaches hundreds upon hundreds, in not thousands, of people across this nation and around the globe. In some sense, I am doing what God commands me.

Today, however, God showed me clearly that I am sent to the people of America, which has become one of the largest mission fields in the world because people have turned away from the LORD. America has turned her back on her God and prostituted herself to other gods made of wood (dollar bills), stone (homes and things), and metal (gold, silver, platinum) like ancient Israel did. The Jews had other gods by different names that many people don’t know or can’t pronounce; however, we have replaced those gods with others that are common to all people. Thus, there is a price to pay for rebelling against God, as a nation. That day of adjudication is forthcoming. Prepare yourselves America! The word has been given via this blog and others, who speak the truth of God’s word. Carpe diem!

Father, I know fully realize and understand the mission to which you’ve assigned me. I am a messenger to my own people, as was Ezekiel to the exiled Jews. He warned them of your judgments and expectations, as I do with my people. I hear you telling me to warn the people of your judgment, and I don’t want their blood on my hands. Thus, I comply with your commands and warn them. If they hear and turn, they will be saved by grace through faith, as you designed. If not, I am clear of their blood. I will continue to give the clarion call per your guidance. In service to you, my LORD, and in Jesus’ name, Amen.