The lesson to learn from turning one’s back on Israel.

Tyre has rejoiced over the fall of Jerusalem….Therefore, this is what the Sovereign Lord says, I am your enemy…I will bring many nations against you… – Ezekiel 26:2-3

Ezekiel received many messages for the nations surrounding Israel and Judah. These nations had been the enemies of Israel and Judah and even slaved her people at various times over the centuries. For their treatment of God’s chosen people, God determined that he would punish those nations and had the prophet Ezekiel deliver a warning message to these nations of their impending judgment for “cursing” Israel and Judah.

The LORD told the patriarch Abraham that anyone that blessed him would be blessed and those that cursed him would be cursed. This same promise was passed on down through the generations to Isaac and on to Jacob (Israel) and on to the 12 tribes. Anyone or any nation that came against the nation of Israel and her children would face the judgment of God. America, a country born of God on his principles, has enjoyed the bounty she’s possessed for centuries. However, slowly and surely we have begun the long process of weaning ourselves from our alliance with God’s chosen nation – his inheritance among the nations of the earth. The promise he spoke long ago to the patriarchs still holds to this day. God’s word is unchanging. IF he spoke it, it will come to pass. Thus, if America continues on its path of turning against Israel, there will be a price to pay. Our current president stated that we are as committed as ever in our support of Israel, but his actions have proven otherwise. May God forgive him and our nation for the treatment of the Jewish homeland and the Jewish people everywhere. If we don’t correct the path we are on, we will see our country go the way of so many before us who turned their backs on Israel.

Father, if it were not for the Jews, I would not be alive and enjoying the fruits of your many blessings. You told Abe that he would be the father of many nations and that through him the nations of the world would be blessed. That blessing is none other than Jesus, yourself. You gave your life in exchange for mine and all who call on your name and are saved. My people have joined the ranks of so many before her in the mistreatment and abandonment of your chosen inheritance. We have not fully abandoned Israel, but we have begun the long trek down that slippery slope. I pray that our people wake up and realize the error of our ways and embrace your chosen people. May the love you have for Israel fill our hearts once again and see the rebirth of a national love for the Jews everywhere. In Jesus’ name, Amen.