Is there a basic law of holiness in you, oh Temple of the Holy Spirit?

And this is the basic law of the Temple: absolute holiness! The entire top of the mountain where the Temple is built is holy. Yes, this is the basic law of the Temple. – Ezekiel 43:12

God continued to show the prophet many things concerning the design of the temple and all its uses. There were certain regulations and observations that had to be upheld regarding the temple because it was God’s most holy place on earth. It would be where God would establish his throne on earth and dwell among his people, Israel. The one thing that God told Ezekiel was that the basic law of the temple was “holiness.”

Why would God tell Ezekiel to tell the people of Israel that the basic law of the temple, where he would reside, is holiness? Because God is holy, and only holiness can exist before God. Anything sinful in a human being that appeared before God, without his mercy, would have been judged under the Mosaic Law and required immediate judgment resulting in death. Jesus fulfilled those legal requirements to enter God’s presence. Thus it is only through his fulfillment of the Law and his righteousness that we can enter into God’s presence today.

Additionally, though, the LORD told us to be holy as he is holy. What does that mean – to be holy? It means to be called a part or set aside for special use. God has to set himself apart from evil; thus, he is holy. We must be set apart from evil in order to love and serve our God. Therefore, we should want and desire to be holy just as our God is holy, or pure and without evil. Furthermore, we are called the temple of the Holy Spirit of God. Shouldn’t we then also apply the basic law of the brick and mortar temple to ourselves since we are God’s living temples? WE should be living holy lives before our God just as he requires. However, we should be living those holy lives out of sheer love for our God not out of religious observance or compulsion.

Let us live our lives by faith in the Son of God who loves us and gave himself for us. He is holy and desires and demands a holy temple in which to reside. Thus, let us do our best through his grace to live and be holy before him.

Father, tonight you’ve shown me a new twist on the need and requirement for holiness in my life. I know in my head that your word says that without holiness no one will be able to enter heaven and see you. It is because of Jesus’ holiness and purity that I am even able to stand before you and love you. Teach me through your Spirit to be holy as you are holy. Show me through your word how to live out that life to the fullest not just what people have said and surmise to be holiness. I want true holiness in my life, as you’ve defined it. Teach me, and I will learn. Lead, and I will follow. In Jesus’ name, Amen.