Satan tries to prosecute us for our past sins before God, but Jesus defends us.

For the accuser of our brothers and sisters has been thrown down to earth—the one who accuses them before our God day and night. – Revelation 12:10b

In John’s vision of heaven and the End of Days, he saw a great war occur in the heavens. The angels of God warred against the angels of Lucifer, good versus evil. At the end of the war, the angels of God triumphed with the devil and his demons being expelled from heaven and exiled to earth. During this time, an angel of God announced that this departure of the satan (the accuser), who accused the children of God night and day before God. This passage shows us that satan accuses us, the children of God, daily before God trying to remind God of our past sins, which God has forgiven and forgotten for eternity because of the blood of Jesus.

If anyone thinks that Satan lives in hell at this time, they had best reread their bible. There is a valid reason that Paul and others in scripture refer to satan as the prince of this world and prince of the AIR. Satan has limited free reign in this earth because Adam sold him the deed to the earth when he sinned. However, we know that Jesus took possession of the earth’s deed when he died and rose again. HE was sinless, Satan couldn’t keep legal rights to him and keep in death. Satan attends God’s court daily and stands before him accusing us of being guilty of sin. He tries to play prosecutor and pin our past sins against us. However, Jesus, our Advocate before God, tells the Father that He paid the price for our sins, which are forgiven by God, cast as far as east is from west, and remembered no more. Jesus shed his blood as the pardon price for redeeming us and setting us free from the curse of the law of sin and death. We are free in Jesus to serve God, as his children!

Father, thank you for giving eternal life to me through your Son, Jesus. I could not have paid the price for my sin even by the strictest observance of your Law because I was born in sin and disqualified from righteousness from the beginning. Satan tries to remind me daily of my past sins and evils, but Jesus paid the price for them. You have forgiven, nay pardoned, me of those sins and set me free. You wiped my slate clean and love me as though I have never sinned. Thank you for doing so. I don’t deserve any of this gracious love that you bestow upon me through Jesus. I am humbled to think that the God of heaven’s armies would take the time to love me and save me. You also defend me against the false accusations of Satan and his hordes. In Jesus’ name, Amen.