God’s word offers us comfort, especially when we do what’s right.

If you would do what is right, you would find my words comforting. – Micah 2:7b

Micah received a vision from God about the coming judgments upon both the northern kingdom of Samaria and the southern kingdom of Judah. Each part of greater Israel had given themselves over to spiritual prostitution. They turned from worshiping God to man-made idols that were backed by demons. The people didn’t want to serve the Lord the God of heaven’s armies; instead, they wanted to do their own thing. Their government and spiritual leaders had given themselves over to personal gain through greed,  bribes, and deceit. Both nations had false prophets telling them that nothing terrible, as spoken  by God through his prophets, would happen to them and created this false sense of peace and safety among Israel. God would deliver on this word. He also punished the false prophets for telling lies to his chose  people. If they had known the truth, they would have lived in peace given by God and not had to fear the judgments under the Law.

Jesus told us that those who step back from his light do so because they love the darkness more than the light. They don’t want their dark deeds made known, but they fail to see and hear this one truth – Everything hidden will one day be exposed. Whether those dark deeds are exposed in this lief is up to God, they will be one day exposed before God, as he rewards each person for what they’ve done in  this life. Some receive crowns of life for their relationship with Jesus and walking in his light. Others will receive their reward of eternal torment for walking in darkness and refusing God’s gift of eternal life.

The passage for today states that we can rest in peace or find comfort in God’s word when  we do what’s right. Why is that? Because God’s word is life to those that live it out. God’s word is alive and quick and sharper than any two-edged sword. It is able to cut apart bone from flesh and spirit from soul. Accordingly, we don’t have to live in fear because God doesn’t give us fear but love, power and a sound  mind. His word is refreshing to the weary, life to the dead, and health to the sick. If you trust in the Word, Jesus, you will find comfort in his written word that points us to him. Thus, trusting his word to come true and doing what’s right give us reassurance that God will comfort us.

Father, thanks for your Word, Jesus, and the logos that was penned for our reference when we need to know how to live our lives as you’ve designed and desire. It’s too easy to allow the cares of this world to overwhelm us and then overcome us if we take our eyes off of you! I’m forever grateful that your word offers us comfort and solace in times of trouble. It causes my heart to cry out for more of you! I know that your Word is life to those that trust in Him! I am rest in my spirit because your Spirit loves me, comforts me, and guides me into all truth! Thanks again, Daddy. In Jesus’ name, Amen.