Washed by Water Thru the Word

November 24, 2012

There is no substitute for trusting in God for salvation and provision!

Has not the Lord of Heaven’s Armies promised that the wealth of nations will turn to ashes? They work so hard, but all in vain! – Habakkuk 2:13

The prophet, Habakkuk, got a little testy with God, one might say. He actually questioned God on why the wicked were able to succeed so much and have supremacy over the righteous? He asked God how long the wicked would go unpunished for their wrongdoings? The Lord responded that a future day would come where all would stand before him and be rewarded for their actions. The Lord told him that the righteous are to live life by faith in God and not by what they experience with their senses. Also, God said that the wealth of the  wicked would rot in front of their very eyes. As they try to hoard their wealth and amass more, it will all come to nothing one day!

Is it any wonder that the USA has seen its day of reckoning with its wealth? The LORD afforded us the greatest reserves of natural resources the world has ever seen or known! Yet, we continue to squander them and act like there’s no end in sight to our national wealth. We’ve seen the greatest economic downturn in nearly a century and thought not much of it. People were buying and selling real estate and merchandise through flipping in order to make a quick buck. Their greed led to improper business practices and deceitful dealings. The stock market crumbled, and the debt of America soared! Now we are more in debt than it’s physically possible to pay off in the lifetime of generations. I happened to benefit from the sale of a primary residence during that time but not out of greed on my part.

If you are concerned about the global economy and the debt of America, don’t be alarmed. The wealth of this nation will turn to ashes. It’s all been prophesied by the LORD. There is no need to fret about our national debt. The LORD taught us through this prophet to live our lives by faith, if we are the righteous of God. When we walk by faith and trust in Him to provide, we show our true worship of God and express our need to rely upon him rather than the temporal wealth of this world. The wealth of the world belongs to God anyway. Don’t let yourself get caught up in the frenzy of amassing earthly wealth and things. Jesus taught us to lay up our treasures in heaven where moth, rust, and thief can’t touch them.

For where are treasures are, there are heart is also. Are your treasurers with God or here on the earth? Are you consumed by things of this earth or the things of God? Jesus told us to seek first his kingdom and righteousness, and God would provide us with the basic necessities of life. When we live our lives by faith, we please God. We learn not to worry over the little things and are able to enjoy life as God intends. You won’t spend your life in vain trying to build a house of cards that will one day crumble. Solomon said that there is a great evil in life – amassing things only to leave it for someone else to enjoy!

Father, teach me more and more how to walk by faith and not by my five senses. You created this physical world for us to enjoy, but there is so much more to life than just the sensual. The spiritual realm is true life. It is there that you dwell and will one day give us, those that accept your gift of eternal life, the ability to live in that world. We will be able to enjoy both the physical and the spiritual, as we do now but in greater form. You never meant for people to rely upon themselves. Those that do find out the hard way how fast their temporary salvation in things can come crumbling down around them. Their little empires collapse and turn their worlds upside down because they seem to have lost all hope in this life. Had they known you, they would’ve had known real, lasting life. I’ve had things and relied upon people including myself, but I know that I can’t save myself. I’m not able to provide all that I need in this life. Thus, Dad, I am learning more and more to trust in you and live life by faith and not by my senses. In Jesus’ name, Amen.


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