Washed by Water Thru the Word

December 1, 2012

God never changes! What a reassurance that is.

I am the┬áLord, and I do not change. – Malachi 3:6a

The prophet Malachi delivered a message to the people of Israel that the LORD would one day bring a day of judgment upon them. They had robbed God in their tithes and offerings. The priests had turned against the commandments of God by offering diseased and deformed animals as sacrifices. The people had turned to idol worship. The situation was not good. However, the LORD offered a call to repentance as he always does. In that call he mentioned that he does not change. He is steadfast in who he is and remains the same throughout eternity.

We have read elsewhere in the Bible that God is the same yesterday, today, and forever. Malachi shortened that for us by saying that God does not change. Could you imagine serving a deity who changed all the time? A deity that never had any steadfastness? The ancients worshiped such deities when they worshiped other gods. The gods of other societies were lifeless pieces of wood, metal or stone that could do nothing for their followers. The priests of such religions usually manipulated the people into serving them and satisfying their greed and pride, rather than that of the gods.

Well, we serve the most high God, Jehovah! He is alive! He is real! He thinks and speaks and rules the heaven’s armies! He does not change. He has been the same from eternity past and will remain the same into eternity future. When he says he will do something, we can count on him to do it. He doesn’t waver in his thoughts or plans. His words accomplishes whatever job he sets it out to do. We can then rest in the fact that he doesn’t change and can have hope that he will deliver us from a demon’s fate, where they will be tormented forever in outer darkness!

Father, you are unchanging. You are steadfast. Because you don’t change, I know that I can rely upon your word. When you say that I will spend eternity with you because I have accepted the gift of eternal life through Jesus your Son, I know that will happen. There is no doubt or fear about where my future lies. I am in your hands; you guard me and love me. I trust in you because you can be relied upon without fear or reservation. You are truly awesome. Thank you. In Jesus’ name, Amen.


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