Washed by Water Thru the Word

December 4, 2012

Sing a song of praise to God for his goodness he’s shown you.

I will sing to the┬áLord┬ábecause he is good to me. – Psalm 13:6

This psalm is another short one written by David asking God how long he will suffer at the hands of his oppressors? However, in this brief piece, the psalmist declares that despite his calamity he will declare his love for God by singing of the LORD’s goodness and how God has bestowed that goodness upon him.

We need to learn to have a heart of praise, as did David. It is no wonder the Jewish people consider David to be their greatest king even to this day. He led with compassion and grace. He heard from God and did what God told him to do. He knew how to touch the heart of God through praise and worship, and he even established laws regarding when and how the priests were to be arranged in the temple conducting their priestly worship. He had a heart for declaring God’s truths as well as singing God’s praises.

We have a really good reason to sing of God’s goodness, as did David. However, we have an even greater reason to sing of God’s goodness that David never got to experience in his lifetime. He had to look forward in faith for the coming of Messiah and the redemption of man he’d bring. We, however, can fully experience the love of God shared with us through the death and resurrection of Jesus. This alone should give us more than ample reason to sing of God’s goodness. Therefore, let us stretch our vocal cords and declare God’s goodness through songs of praise!

Father, I declare to you my love for you. Your word says to come before you with gladness and to sing a new song to you. Well, inside my heart I have a new song that was not there before today. I realize that my tongue has been rather silent in singing your praises, but I declare them to you with a renewed passion and grateful heart. You didn’t have to die and pay for my sins like you did. You loved me enough to do for me what I couldn’t do for myself. Thus, I shower you with accolades in a melodic expression of my love for you! I will sing of your goodness to all that will listen. Even if people don’t listen and appreciate the great things you’ve done, I know you will! Thank you. In Jesus’ name, Amen.


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