Washed by Water Thru the Word

December 14, 2012

Declare how awesome God and his deeds are!

Say to God, “How awesome are your deeds! – Psalm 66:3a

David spoke a simple truth here. He tells us to thank God for the awesome deeds he does in our life. Our thanks to God for his divine intervention should be in the way of a heart-felt exclamation, “HOW AWESOME ARE YOUR DEEDS!”

I need and want to declare to the LORD today how awesome are his deeds. I was having really bad chest pains from an accident I had. The pain was so bad at times that I had a hard time even breathing. I thought I might’ve broken a rib. After a long night of prayer and worship, I felt the pain dissipate. It wasn’t long that the pain subsided completely. Some may say that it was just my body healing itself from the pain and damage, but I know that God delivered me because of the intense pain.

Father, I want to thank you personally for healing me from that terrible pain that caused me to suffer horrendously. You chose in your great mercy to relieve the pain and heal me from the damage sustained in my injury. Sure, you designed my body to heal itself, but I know that you stepped in and healed me fully. Thus, I declare to you how awesome your deeds are! I could have continued to suffer but am so grateful for your healing! YOU ARE AWESOME! Thank you for loving me. In Jesus’ name, Amen.


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