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December 21, 2012

Sing a new song to God.

Sing a new song to the┬áLord! – Psalm 96:1a

David wrote another psalm telling us to declare God’s goodness and to recognize that God is worthy to be praised and worshiped above all else. This psalm is a declaration to all of creation to bless the name of God and praise him. We are do so through a new song, as David wrote.

Have you ever met someone who “prefers” only one type of music when it comes to singing to God? I’ve grown up with people who absolutely refuse to embrace modern worship songs because they “feel” the old time hymns are the only songs for worship! Well, one thing I’ve learned from studying people and history is that with each new generation there is a new generation of worship songs that get made. Think about it. Those that denounce “contemporary” worship are those that sing “contemporary” worship songs from their day that may have been disliked by their predecessors. How silly! Once more let’s think about this psalm written circa 1000B.C. ┬áDavid said, “sing a new song to the Lord!” God likes new songs. He commands them right here in the psalms! We don’t beat up people stuck on singing old songs, but they need to be more flexible in the type of worship that is sung to God in the congregation. There is freedom in Christ to “sing a new song” in a contemporary manner and still be able to worship God! So I encourage you today to even create and sing a new song from your heart to God. How much more “contemporary” can you get than that? (Even for the stalwarts who don’t like modern worship.)

Father, I thank you that the congregants of the local assembly in which you’ve placed me adore and like to sing modern worship songs to you! The hymns of yester year are still good to sing and have their place in corporate and personal worship. I just want to express to you today from my heart a new song of joy. You are the reason that I can sing in the first place. You’ve placed love and peace and joy in the heart of a person who has been bitter, angry, and even down right mean at times. You have done the impossible by filling my heart with such exuberant joy that I cannot contain it and must release from within me a new song of joy and praise to you. Why? Simply because I love you! Thank you! In Jesus’ name, Amen.


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