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January 31, 2013

The test of “manna” – what is it?

Then the LORD said to Moses, “Look, I’m going to rain down food from heaven for you. Each day the people can go out and pick up as much food as they need for that day. I will test them in this to see whether or not they will follow my instructions.” – Exodus 16:4

The people of Israel had left Egypt and traveled across the desert of the Sinai peninsula for nearly two months. They came to a point where food was low and had grown hungry. They complained to Moses against God and demanded that they have food to eat. Thus God sent a wafer-like substance down from heaven at night with the dew, which would dry up in the sun. They had to go out and gather it in the morning and just enough for each person. They didn’t know what it was at first, so they called it “manna.” God did this to test the people as to whether or not they’d heed his instructions or rebel against him.

Although God sent the manna to nourish the people, he also sent it to test them. What in your life is “manna” to you? Is there something that God is doing in your life that you don’t readily observe and recognize? It just might me a “spiritual” manna to test you in your obedience to God. I just recently discovered some “manna” in my life, which I now know that God is using to test me in regards to obeying and trusting him. We all have our issues, and trust has been one of mine. I thought I had really entrusted all of my life into God’s hands, but I made the “mistake” (if you will) of asking God to show me the areas of my life yet still not surrendered to him. One by one he’s doing just that. Now, I am learning to know that “manna” is life-giving. Those “what it is” moments are there to develop us into more God-like individuals by testing our obedience to God. Don’t distrust the “manna” moments in your life.

Father, for some time now there had been a “manna” in my life that I just could not identify or know exactly what was happening. Now, however, I realize that the “manna” was merely you doing things in my life to test my loyalty and obedience. I am ever grateful for you loving care. You care enough to make sure that I am growing to be more and more like you. I desire to be a mirror-reflection of my Father, big Brother, and guiding Spirit. In Jesus’ name, Amen.

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