The blame game…

The man replied, “It was the woman you gave me who gave me the fruit, and I ate it.”- Genesis 3:12

Adam and Eve had eaten of the forbidden fruit. Then God came along looking for these two, but they had hidden themselves because of their shame from being naked. God questioned them about how they knew such and whether they’d eaten from the forbidden tree. When questioned about his wrongful choice, Adam immediately put the blame on Eve, who in turn blamed the snake. So, the blame game was born.

The lesson I learn here, as we should all know, is that we are responsible for our own actions. Everything we do is a result of our choices. No one can make us do anything. Even God won’t force himself upon you. You have free will. That is why he placed both the tree of life and the tree of death (knowledge of good/evil) in the middle of the Garden. He wants us to make decisions, wise decisions. When we decide to do opposite of what he wants, then we are left to endure the consequences of our actions. If we put the blame on others, then we are just ducking our responsibility for what we’ve chosen. We will stand before God one day and give a reckoning of what we’ve done. Blaming others in the beginning didn’t work for Adam, and it won’t work for us on judgment day. The Bible tells us to do ALL THINGS as though unto Jesus. Therefore, let us always put our brain in gear before we decide to do anything. We need to make sure that what we do aligns with what God wants for us and thereby avoid playing the blame game at all. What you do is your responsibility, not mine. What I do falls on me, not you.

Father, I’ve tried to live my life without putting the blame on others. I’ve not always succeeded at doing so, but I am learning, even still today. Whether it’s something I should’ve done or shouldn’t have done, the blame and responsibility falls on me and no one else. Forgive me for ever blaming others for my mistakes and wrong choices. Help me to be a man of integrity and always do the right thing, even when I’ve made mistakes. Help me to not blame others. I am solely accountable for my actions, thoughts, and words. I will stand or fall before you based on those things. Thank you for the blessing and grace and mercy that you have for me in spite of my shortcomings. I want to be more like you. In Jesus’ name, Amen.