Doing what God instructs us to do.

So Noah did everything as the Lord commanded him. – Genesis 7:5

Noah had gathered all the animals as they came to him and ushered them into the ark. He had built the ark per God’s instructions, and his family entered into the ark, with all the animals, as God said to do. There was nothing left undone in preparation for the coming deluge that would smother out and drown all life on earth save those in the ark. Noah obeyed God and enjoyed God’s blessing of salvation and redemption.

Here we go again, so to speak. Two days in a row, now, I read where Noah did everything as God told him. The Holy Spirit is obviously trying to get something into my heart as well as my thick head. Ha! God expects us to obey him out of love and not obligation or coercion because he will not force himself on anyone. Jesus told us that IF we LOVE him, THEN we will KEEP his commandments. When we do what God says, we enjoy his blessings. I have learned that obedience precedes blessing, or put another way, blessing always follows obedience. The choice is ours to make. Do we want to live in God’s blessing? Then let us do what God tells us to do, even if it’s to our detriment in some way. Can someone say self-sacrifice? Agape Love? What did Jesus do?

Father, I hear you again tonight telling me the importance of obeying your word. The earth was full of violence and evil before the great flood, and you destroyed all but eight because of that. Noah enjoyed your blessings because he was faithful and obedient to your instructions. I struggle at the moment with some very important decisions and moves in my life: employment, purpose, and even ministry. I need to hear from you during these 21 days of intimacy, deep intimacy, in the opening of this new year. Help me to quiet my soul long enough to hear from your Spirit and know without a doubt the instructions you’ve laid out for me. I need your guidance that you promised me through your Holy Spirit. Please. In Jesus’ name, Amen.