The power of unity!

The people are united, and they all speak the same language. After this, nothing they set out to do will be impossible for them! – Genesis 11:5

The first peoples on the earth since the flood had banded together and were starting to spread out across the earth on their own; however, they decided to settle in modern-day Iraq and build a great city and tower reaching to the sky in order to keep from being scattered any further. God then decided to come down to earth and investigate what the people were doing. He noticed their solidarity through language and unity of mind and spirit. Thus, he confused them through the creation of many new languages, which forced the people to spread out and band together based on their new linguistic culture. But, they were strong from being of one mind and one purpose through one language.

As I read this passage, I get the message that, “If evil people can band together and achieve anything they set their mind to because of their solidarity, then how much more should God’s people achieve God’s will in the earth when in unison and of one mind/spirit???” God’s people were in unison in the upper room when the Holy Spirit came down and settled on them with”Fire” and caused them to speak in new tongues. It amazes me that God scattered the nations of the world through new languages but also first united his new family of believers in Christ through new languages.

In other words, we need to become of one mind, one purpose, and one language (if you will). We need to have and know the mind of Christ. We need to set aside every little thing that causes division or discord among believers. We have to overcome denominational differences, traditional fallacies, and personal conflicts for the sake of God’s glory and expansion of his kingdom. Jesus said it best that a house divided cannot stand. Are you helping to bind the family of God together through bonds of love, or are you stirring up strife and division?

Father, am I causing strife within the body of Christ? Am I doing more to bring unity and oneness to the house of God? I want to know that I am doing the right thing. I love my neighbor as myself and love you above all else! I don’t want to be part of causing others to stumble or creating controversy in the body that would lead to people splitting off from your body and kingdom. I don’t want to say or do something that would drive away others, but instead, I want to build up other followers and invite new believers into the fold. Help me to do your will and not mine. When I am a productive member of your family and helping others, then the family comes together as one and gives you praise and honor and glory, which you deserve. I love you, Dad. In Jesus’ name, Amen.