Learn to bend the knee in worship to your King!

Then the man  bowed down and worshiped the Lord… – Genesis 24:26

Abraham’s servant journeyed to the land of his master’s people to find a wife for Abe’s son, Isaac. When he arrived at Abe’s “hometown,” he prayed that God would give him favor and allow the woman, who would draw water, to give him some as well as his camels. Rebekah came to the well and did just that. She gave him water and watered his camels. Then the servant bowed to the ground and worshiped the LORD for granting his petition.

We all need to learn to do as this man did when God did something for him. He bowed down before the LORD and worshiped him. I have made it a habit and part of my life to regularly find the time even for no reason at all to worship the LORD. Sometimes it’s good to assume a prostrate position before God and demonstrate our humility in gratitude for the mighty things he’s done for us. Do you ever bow down before God in worship to him? I suggest you learn to assume the prone position from time to time because in eternity we will regularly bow before Jesus and honor him as King and Lord. Read the book of Revelation and see how many times people bow down before the LORD! It might just surprise you.

Father, I bow before you today and honor you just for who you are. You have done so many mighty and wonderful things for me that I am honored to be able to humble myself and bow before you. There is no one like you, for you are the King of kings and Lord of lords. There is no one worthy of honor, glory, and power save you, and I know that you will not share your glory with anyone or anything. Thus, I enjoy bending the knee and magnifying you above all others. Glory be to my King! Thank you for loving me, your servant. In Jesus’ name, Amen.