Who’s trying to butter you up through flattery?

They answered, “We saw clearly that the Lord was with you… – Genesis 26:28a

King Abimelek of Philistia came to Isaac and tried to secure a concordant with him to preempt Isaac from rallying against his city-state and trying to overtake it. It wasn’t Isaac’s intention to do so, but the king feared Isaac’s wealth and power bestowed upon him by God. Abimelek realized that it was the LORD that had blessed Isaac and given him this great wealth. He feared what Isaac could do because of his wealth. He used the phrase above to try and sweet talk Isaac into an agreement of peace.

When a person walks with the LORD, it is not difficult for the world to see and realize that it’s God blessing the person. The world will try to manipulate the child of God into a false sense of security when they come to such a conclusion. It happened to the apostle Paul in Corinth when the young seer called out constantly that Paul and his companion were men of God. However, in Paul’s case, he grew tired of the demons calling out and rebuked them and set the girl free from her possession. I hear in me the warning of not allowing myself to be tricked into allying myself with worldly people who may try to butter me up with kind words of flattery. The devil can only use deception and trickery to do his bidding. We have to stay on guard against the wiles of the devil and can only do so if we suit up with the whole armor of God. Sure, it’s great to hear that God is with you, but think! Why would an unbeliever want to make such a statement? Unless they have truly seen your good deeds and are giving God glory, as Jesus taught us. Allow the Spirit of God to speak to you and tell you whether their “kind” words are glory to God or words of deceit. Beware.

Father, I’ve had many a person tell me they know that you are with me. Some have been in the church and others outside it. I generally hear from your Spirit and heed his warnings about such matters. I pray that I remain sensitive enough to hear your voice. I trust you to protect me and steer me clear of impostors and the devil’s henchmen. Flattery will get a person nowhere but a short trip down the road to destruction through the stroking of their pride. Help me to stay humble and solely reliant upon you. I need you and love you. Thank you for your guidance and love. In Jesus’ name, Amen.