The fulfillment of God’s word.

So when Joseph’s brothers arrived, they bowed down to him with their faces to the ground. – Genesis 42:6b

Joe had been imprisoned for about 17 years and later interpreted the king’s dreams, which landed him the job of prime minister of Egypt. A severe famine covered the Ancient Near East in his day, which caused his brothers to come to Egypt to buy grain for food because God showed Pharaoh and Joe how to store grain to save the area from death by starvation. When his brothers came to buy grain, they bowed before the prime minister not knowing it was their brother Joseph. They fulfilled the dream God gave Joe that caused them to sell him into slavery.

It took about 17 years for the prophetic dream of Joe to come to pass. He later told his brothers that what they intended for harm God intended for good. Their selling of him into slavery led to their salvation and the pro-generation of the nation Israel. God’s word came to pass just as he had foretold Joseph. His brothers came before him one day and bowed down to him.

How long have you been waiting on God’s word to come to pass in your life? The lesson we can draw from this passage is that we have to trust in God and hold onto him until his word is fulfilled. If God said it, it will happen. It may not happen when or how we expect, but it will happen! We must be patient and trusting of God.

Father, I’ve been holding on to the promise you gave me years ago. I have been anxious and over zealous at times for its completion, but you know the proper timing and handling of the situation. For too long I’ve tried to force your hand and cause things to happen only to birth an Ishmael here and there to the detriment of all involved. Please forgive me for not fully trusting in your timing and love. I regret ever trying to force your hand. Please continue to work in my life and bring to completion the good work you’ve started in me until the day of Christ. I humble myself before you and await your “Go ye therefore,” so that I can therefore, GO! In Jesus’ name, Amen.