Do you recognize the hand of God working in your life?

“This is the finger of God!” the magicians exclaimed to Pharaoh. – Exodus 8:19a

The magicians of Pharaoh had been able to replicate the plagues of blood and frogs, but they failed to produce gnats from the dust. Even these evil men recognized the hand of God in something. They were able through occultic magic to create blood from water and cause frogs to rise out of the Nile River, but the gnats were not to be done by them. They immediately cowered in fear before God while Pharaoh remained hard-hearted.

Occasionally even the unbeliever can see and recognize the hand of God in something. It happened in Moses’ day with the magicians trying to repeat God’s miracles. It happened in Daniel’s day when the king saw the hand of God writing his judgment on the wall of the palace. But the real question is for you believer. Do you see and recognize the hand of God working in your life? Or, is everything going on around you your attempt to do what God has done?

I’ve tried in the past to force the hand of God or help him along only to see the bigger mess that I created later as a result of my acts. God is sovereign and is able to all things while we are not. It’s just that plain and simple, yet we like to think that we know more than God. How stupid of us! Many times we think that we can make things happen until God shows up and demonstrates his true power to us and makes us realize how foolish we were in trying to make something happen that only he could do. O foolish humans, we are.

Father, reading this passage today makes realize the foolishness of my attempts to do things in the past that I later realized could only be done by you. Again, I see the mighty hand of my God working in my life, and I yield to your sovereign power. I refuse to muck up my life again by thinking and doing things in my own power. There is no one like you, so why should I try and do what only you can do? I will do all that you allow me and empower me to do, and I will not try to usurp your power or authority. May your will be done and not mine. In Jesus’ name, Amen.