Giving of yourself FREELY to the LORD.

So the people of Israel—every man and woman who was eager to help in the work the Lord had given them through Moses—brought their gifts and gave them freely to the Lord. – Exodus 35:29

God told Moses to speak to the people about giving of their belongings to the service of the LORD for the operation of the priesthood and tabernacle. He listed all the things needed for the service, and the people WILLINGLY brought all that was needed and volunteered their skills, which God gave them, for the service of the tabernacle.

We all know and have heard of people who balk at coming to know God personally because of the excuse that the church of the pastor wants their money. What “people” fail to realize is that God DOES NOT need OUR money! Why? Because GOD OWNS IT ALL!!!!!!! ALL the gold and silver are his! The earth and all its fullness belongs to the Lord and is his footstool. SO why would God NEED our stuff? He doesn’t. He asks us to give WILLINGLY what he’s given to us. Thus God loves the cheerful giver. Even if people decide to give to the kingdom of God, God wants them to do so willingly not out of coercion or obligation. We should love God enough to WANT to GIVE back to him!

Father, I consider it a privilege and honor to give to your kingdom out of the resources with which you’ve blessed me. I do my best to give to your kingdom at every chance with a willing and loving heart. Please help me to give more and more to your kingdom both of my time/resources and the finances you give to me. I know that the more I give out of what you send my way, there will be more coming in to me. The law of giving is to give away more and more out of loving, cheerful heart. Help me to a blessing to your kingdom. Thank you for blessing me. In Jesus’ name, Amen.