Employing the greatest of skill of care.

 He made gold thread by hammering out thin sheets of gold and cutting it into fine strands. With great skill and care, he worked it into the fine linen with the blue, purple, and scarlet thread. – Exodus 39:3

God gave Moses specific instructions for the creation and design of everything to be used in service of the Tabernacle. One of the things created was fine, gold thread. This thread was used to embroider priestly garments just as God commanded. Bezalel received the task of manufacturing this thread, and the Bible tells us he did so, with great skill and care.

This phrase with great skill and care makes me think of how God designed and created us, humans. God didn’t speak us into creation. He formed us from the dust of the earth and then breathed his very Spirit into each one of us. All humanity has been made in the likeness and image of the Most High God, Yahweh. He doesn’t do things haphazardly or without regard to the smallest detail. Therefore, I have to ask the important question, Why do we live life with seemingly total disregard for God’s kingdom? Why do we not do everything we do, not only as unto the LORD, but with great skill and care as did Bezalel? 

Bezalel received the Spirit of God, who showed him and taught him how to make every intricate detail of the items of worship. He chose to listen to the Spirit of God and do all that was required of him down to the minutest of detail. He had such great love of God that he wielded his craft expertly and employed GREAT skill and CARE in all he did. We, too, should be as exacting in our service to God. We should not allow anything we do for God to be done with anything short of excellence. Now, this doesn’t mean everything we do has to be expensive or extravagant, but it does mean that we should love our God enough to do all he gives us with as much skill and care as he does.

Are you giving your very best to God, 100%? Or, do you do things as you see fit? Ouch, that hurt even me.

Father, help me to have the drive, zeal, passion and care to do everything I do as though I were doing unto you but also with how to do it with the greatest of skill and care. I’m not an expert in anything nor I do want to be, save loving you. Your Spirit dwells within me, and you’ve made me your living Tabernacle. Therefore, I request that you, Sir, pour out on me the same level of expertise and skill as you did on Bezalel, so that I may perform my service to you with the same level of great skill and care like he did. I want nothing less than the most excellent things. In all humility and in Jesus’ name, Amen.