Does the enemy know who you are?

 So Jesus healed many people who were sick with various diseases, and he cast out many demons. But because the demons knew who he was, he did not allow them to speak. – Mark 1:34

Jesus traveled the countryside of Judea preaching in the synagogues and performing many miracles of healing and casting out demons. While he was in Capernaum, he cast out many demons from once-possessed people and commanded the demons not to reveal his true identity as the Son of God. The demons cried out at his appearing because they knew who HE really was – the SON OF GOD! It wasn’t time for that part of his identity to be known, so he shut them up.

The demons knew Jesus because he’d created them and spent eternity past with them in heaven until the point they rebelled and were exiled from his kingdom. Although they’d been banned from glory, they still knew who the King! Later on in the days of Paul, some men, the sons of Sceva, tried to cast out demons in the name of Jesus, whom Paul preached. They didn’t really know their enemy or believe in the message of Jesus given by Paul. They merely tried to imitate Paul in performing an exorcism. They failed and were beat up by the demons, who subsequently told them, I know Jesus, and I know Paul. But, who are you? 

In combat, enemy forces recognize each other by the flag of the opposing army or some other identifying symbol representing their foes. Forces use such identifying marks in order not to destroy their own forces, which is known as fratricide. Our spiritual enemy knows whether or not you bear the symbol of God in your life – the seal of the Holy Spirit. IF the enemy doesn’t know God’s Spirit lives within you, then they will attack you and destroy you, as they did the sons of Sceva. However, if the enemy knows and recognizes that you’re a child of God the Most High, they will attack but cannot destroy you.

Check your spiritual uniform today and see if the mark of the Holy Spirit is on you. Can and do the enemies of light know you, as they do Jesus and Paul? Can and will they say of you, I know Jesus, and I know Paul. I know ___________, too! (Fill in the blank with your name.) Or, will they ask, Who are you, __________________?  (Again, fill in your name.)

Father, most holy God, thank you for marking me eternally as your own. You’ve placed the seal of your Spirit upon me and all true believers. You aren’t ashamed to call us your own. How honored are we! How humbled are we! I know that I am an officer among the ranks of your earthly army. The enemy knows that I am a threat to them because you live in me, and they see you in me. I don’t want them to just see me, for in myself, I am nothing. It’s through your dwelling in me and my love for you that the enemies of Light recognize me and battle against me. Strengthen your servant/child to do battle in the spiritual realm against the true enemy and not people. Help me to love others, as you do. In Jesus’ name, Amen.