God accepts Jesus’ sacrifice in our place to purify us and make us right with God.

Lay your hand on the animal’s head, and the Lord will accept its death in your place to purify you, making you right with him. – Leviticus 1:4

God instructed Moses in the specific requirements of the various sacrifices and how they were to be conducted and by whom. In these instructions were commands on how to have the offender atoned for the sin he committed. Of particular note is not the specific act that was done but what it did for the person. The offender laid his hand on the animal’s head and symbolically transferred his sins and the price to be paid for them on the animal, which would be sacrificed. The shed blood would then temporarily make the person right with God.

This passage gives me reason to be jubilant today! Why? Because I know that Jesus, as the Lamb of God, allowed me to put my hands on his head and transfer ALL of my sins onto him. He then died and paid the redemption price for my sins that I could never have repaid or paid for that matter. His sacrifice, according to the Hebraic author, paid this price for you and me once for all time. There is no need for continued shedding of innocent blood to pay my sin-debt. His blood not only pardoned me of my criminal sin-record, but it permanently made me right with God, whereas the animal blood could only cover (atone) my sin annually. Jesus’ blood did more than atone for my sins; it abolished the stain off my record and restored me to fellowship with my Father for eternity!

Father, what else can I say but, “Thank You!”? There was nothing that I could have done to alleviate my sinful plight within my own power. Even if I could have observed all of the Law in its entirety, I could never have entered into heaven on my righteousness obtained from it. Why? Because as David said, I was conceived in sin. Therefore, I was guilty of breaking your Law from conception. I needed a Savior to deliver me from my fate of eternal separation and damnation. Thank you for loving me enough to die for me and pay my sin-price of redemption. I love you! In Jesus’ name, Amen.