What needs to be realized (revealed) in your life and made right?

If any of the common people sin by violating one of the Lord’s commands, but they don’t realize it, they are still guilty. – Leviticus 4:27

God continued on in the detailed instructions regarding the various sacrifices to be performed by Israel when they committed sin. Among those instructions was an proviso that God used to warn Israel regarding their sin. He told them that even if they committed a sin, of which they were unaware, they were still guilty of their sin. Once they realized they had sinned, they were then to offer a sacrifice to atone for that sin.

Jesus, as we learned in the last passage, not only atoned but permanently paid for our sins. The one thing that doesn’t change is that when we sin, we’re still guilty of the sin. Now, we don’t have to run right out and offer up animal blood to cover it because Jesus died once for all and paid the sin-debt. However, there is still a personal sacrifice we need to offer up to God once we realize we have sinned. “But that sounds like legalism to me,” you might say or think. However, it’s not. David offered up the one sacrifice that God never refuses – a broken and contrite heart. When he murdered Uriah and stole his wife to have an affair with her, he was eaten up inside by his conviction over the sin. He turned to God and asked God to forgive him for the sin he committed. David humbled himself before God and rent his heart because of the sin he did. He truly remorsed over his wrongs. The Bible tells us that God is faithful and just to forgive us of our sins if we confess them to him. What wrongs have you not confessed to God today? Sure, Jesus paid the price for them and made you right in God’s eyes thus permitting your restored fellowship with the Father, but is there anything hidden that needs to be surfaced and turned over to God? Let’s look inside our hearts, ask God the Holy Spirit to reveal what needs to be healed, confess it, and let God fix it.

Father, many times I’ve come to you and asked you to churn up the soul of my heart and reveal things long hidden and forgotten. The process is painful, but I am a living sacrifice before you. I ask you to once again dig up anything long pushed to the remote regions of my heart and soul that may hinder our relationship in any capacity. I know you’ve paid the sin-debt for me and restored our relationship, but I want to walk humbly before you and allow nothing to separate our fellowship. Please convict me of sin, righteousness, and judgment as you deem necessary. I trust you. In Jesus’ name, Amen.