Will you lose all that you have?

But from those who do nothing, even what little they have will be taken away. – Luke 19:26b

To correct the misgivings the people had about when the Kingdom of God would begin, Jesus told the people a parable about the ten servants. In the story Jesus pointed out that those who do well with what God has given them will receive a great reward in the kingdom of God while those who do nothing will have their reward taken away from them.

The lazy servant who didn’t return a yield for his king didn’t lose his place in the kingdom but merely any reward that would have come from his efforts. We see that those who refused to have the king rule over them were executed on the spot in front of the king. Furthermore, those who yielded a return on the investment the king entrusted them with received a great reward in the kingdom.

So, what reward will you receive in the Kingdom of God? Are you out investing in his kingdom by sewing Seed and watering other seed planted by others? Are you sharing the Good News of Jesus with the lost of the world and helping usher new members into the family of God? Or, are you just sitting on your hands wondering what could be? For you see, those that do nothing will themselves enter into the kingdom but will have no reward given to them by the King of kings? Remember that Jesus told us to freely give what we have freely received. What have we received freely? The Good News of Jesus that led to our salvation – the gift of eternal life! So how dare we not give away that which was given to us freely! We didn’t deserve to receive that gift, but someone followed the orders of the King and brought to you and me the Kingdom of God. Let’s be about our Father’s business and see a great reward for Him and for ourselves.

Father, far be it from me to hold back the free gift you’ve invested in me. I know that there are many hurting people in this world who don’t know the truth of salvation through Jesus. It breaks my heart that people, who call themselves Christ-like, sit back and refuse to share their testimony with those that need to hear the Good News that Jesus paid the price for their sins and can and will forgive them and accept them into your family if they call on his name. May your servants arise to harvest the crop that you’ve planted through the work of your other servants. In Jesus’ name, Amen.