The message for the whole world….

There is forgiveness of sins for all who repent – Luke 24:47b

After Jesus had risen from the dead, he appeared to many of his disciples and showed them that he truly was alive. At first they were doubt about him, but he showed them his hands and feet and even ate with them. He told them that ghosts don’t have flesh and bones. Then at the end of this passage, we read that Jesus told them that there had been prophesied a message about him that must be preached to all nations…There is forgiveness of sins for all who repent.

In another account of the last days of Jesus upon the earth in the flesh, he tells the disciples to go and preach the gospel to all people everywhere. That message is that there is forgiveness of sins to all who repent. If people turn from their evil ways and call on the name of the LORD, they will be saved. However, they must be able to believe in a God of whom they have not known. They can’t do so unless they hear the Word of God – the Good News. They can’t hear it unless people tell them. People can’t tell them unless people are sent out to the lost of this world. You and I are part of those to whom Jesus gave the Great Commission.

If we are members of God’s family, then we are preachers. A preacher is one proclaims the truth of God’s Word. If you share your testimony (story) of what God’s done for you and saved your life, then you are telling others the Good News of his Word. It’s that simple. We make the process of “witnessing” to others out to be some convoluted pattern of having to do this and do that, but Paul wrote that a person must believe in one’s heart that God raised Jesus from the dead and then truly confess, “Jesus is LORD!” For it is with the heart that one believes unto salvation and confession is made with the mouth.

IF a person must confess, “Jesus is LORD,” then why don’t we and why won’t we confess to them (share our testimony) about the Good News of what he’s done for us and can do for them? Seriously, are we so arrogant or proud or lazy or embarrassed to share with the lost what GREAT things God’s done for us? Remember that those who deny Jesus before men will be denied before God and his angels by Jesus. Some food for thought.

Father, you’ve obviously been dealing with me on the topic of sharing the Good News with others more than I have been doing. There truly is a big world of lost souls out there that need to hear the truth of salvation and how you call and choose those whom you love. You love the entire world enough to have died for them and raised again from the dead, but they still refuse to accept your love gift. Many have never heard of your gift of love (eternal life) through Jesus because we have failed you in telling them about what you’ve done for us. Help us to get past ourselves and do what you have commanded us to do – give freely what we’ve freely received. Thank you. In Jesus’ name, Amen.