We can approach God and live!

The area in front of the Tabernacle, in the east toward the sunrise,[l] was reserved for the tents of Moses and of Aaron and his sons, who had the final responsibility for the sanctuary on behalf of the people of Israel. Anyone other than a priest or Levite who went too near the sanctuary was to be put to death. – Numbers 3:38

Moses and Aaron and sons were the only ones allowed by God to approach the tabernacle and the holy articles of worship. Anyone outside this family circle of priests were to be executed for violating God’s holy standard. There were no exceptions made for this violation.

Aren’t you glad and even filled with joy since Jesus made it possible for all of God’s children to have direct and complete access to God the Father? During the time of the sacrificial system of worship, only the priests were able to approach God. No one was allowed to enter the Most Holy Place save the high priest and even then only once a year. When Jesus gave his life on the cross, he tore down the wall of separation between God and man and provided a permanent pathway to life through his loss of life and subsequent resurrection (raising from the dead). We can now go boldly before the throne of Grace to make known our petitions to God and not fear being put to death for coming near his Holiness. The blood of Jesus paid the price for our sins and masks out permanently the stench of our sins and wrongs and is what covers us as we approach God the Father rather than the smoke of the incense the blurred the vision of the high priest in his annual offering of animal blood on the mercy seat. Thank you Jesus for removing the death sentence from our necks. We received your pardon when we believed in our hearts that your were raised from the dead and confessed with our mouths, “Jesus is LORD!”

Father, I understand to the limit of my finite mind the purpose of your not allowing sinful people to approach the most holy of worship articles. You could not allow sin to be in your immediate presence or defile those things to which you had ascribed holiness. You are pure holiness; sin cannot stand in your presence. If it tries to do so, it will be consumed by your holy fire. Thank you for removing the death sentence from your flawed human creations in order that we may once again have a personal, intimate relationship with you that allows us to commune with one another and share in your love. I do love you, Sir. Thank you. In Jesus’ name, Amen.