We are no longer outcasts because of Jesus.

“Command the people of Israel to remove from the camp anyone who has a skin disease or a discharge, or who has become ceremonially unclean by touching a dead person. – Numbers 5:2

God commanded the Hebrews to isolate anyone with a skin disease, discharge, or who was unclean because of a dead person outside the camp because God didn’t want the rest of the people to become defiled or made unclean. God demanded purity at all times, even though he knew sin was a part of their lives. The people weren’t able to remove their sins from themselves, but they were to live a pure life through rigorous and obligatory observance of the Mosaic Law given to them by God. God wanted (and still does) his people to be pure and holy as He is holy.

Here’s another example of the austerity of God’s requirements under the Mosaic Law when it came to purity and holiness. The people under the Old Testament (Covenant) were under strict command to observe the Law of Moses down to the minutest detail. Any infraction was considered sin and rebellion against God. However, we have Jesus to thank for removing the curse of the Law that came from breaking it. If one part of the Law was broken, the entire Law was broken. Jesus paid the price for that cost and fulfilled the ceremonial regulations required in the Law regarding the presentation of sacrifices for the atonement (temporary payment of covering of sin). Instead Jesus’ sacrifice permanently paid our sin debt and removed the requirement for animal sacrifice. Therefore, should we become sick or ceremonially unclean, we are no longer in need of animal sacrifice let alone be concerned with being ostracized from the community and forced to live in isolation.

Father, I again understand within the confines of my human understanding and a greater illumination from your Spirit that I am not refrained from being in your holy presence because of my impurities and imperfections. Jesus paid the price of my wrongs, shortcomings, and deficiencies, so that WE could have communion with one another as Father and child. I am most grateful for the price your Holy Son paid on my behalf. Help me to honor that sacrifice always and to never take it for granted. For without that event, I would not be allowed into the promises of Abraham through Jesus or have any part in your kingdom. Thank you for loving even us non-Jews! In Jesus’ name, Amen.