Who are you lifting up before God?

Aaron lifted them up and presented them to the Lord as a special offering. – Numbers 8:21b

God commanded Moses to have the Levites prepare themselves and be ceremonially clean in order that they may be dedicated to God’s service and be able to work in the tabernacle. Aaron followed his portion of the ceremony and offered the Levites up to God as a special offering from among all the people of Israel. He prayed over them and set them apart for service unto to God.

We are still able to “lift people up,” as we say in church circles. We don’t really “lift” them up before God physically, but we do lift up their names in prayer before God regarding whatever matter needs addressed. In a way, although for ceremonial purposes, Aaron did intercede for his fellow Levites. He prayed to God to receive them as a special offering set apart for his most holy service. We, on the other hand, now lift people up before God and intercede for them on a host of issues that may be of concern in their lives. It follows a pattern that the Hebraic author wrote in his letter to the Jews of the First Century. Jesus is our advocate and intercessor. He presents our case to the Father whenever the enemy, Satan, tries to bring an accusation or case against us, for which Jesus paid the price and pardoned. There are also examples in the Bible of men and women interceding on behalf of others or an entire nation to reach the heart of God and see that He would intervene and save his people. Is there someone you know in your life who needs lifted up before God? Take the time today to seek God in prayer and intercede for those in need. You may just be the one who moves God’s heart to act.

Father, there are many for whom I can and do pray for today. However, at this time, I want to lift up my dear friend. There is much going on that requires your providential intervention. There is a yearning for the growth of the flock to which you have assigned my friend. There is a longing for the unreached in that area to come to know Jesus personally and to do so through the outreach team. Father, I ask you to move on the hearts of that flock and cause them to see the great necessity of being about your business of seeking and saving the lost. You commanded us all to do so; there is none exempt from proclaiming the Good News of Jesus. Thank you for blessing them. In Jesus’ name, Amen.