O to imitate Christ…

 Anyone who accepts his testimony can affirm that God is true. 34 For he is sent by God. He speaks God’s words, for God gives him the Spirit without limit. – John 3:33-34

John the baptist shares with us some great insight on who Jesus is and truths about him. First he tells us that if we have accepted Jesus’ testimony as the Son of God, we affirm God is true and real. Secondly, John tells us that Jesus really was sent by God the Father. How did he and we know that? Because Jesus spoke only God’s words and was given the Spirit without limit!

Is it any wonder that Jesus was able to resist any and every temptation that came his way? Is it any wonder why Jesus could know the thoughts of those around him? Is it any wonder that Jesus could heal people and raise the dead? Is it any wonder that Jesus spoke in other languages? Is it any wonder how Jesus could know the future and prophesy? Is it any wonder that Jesus knew when demons were present besides their shrieking and calling him out as the Holy One of God? Is it any wonder that Jesus did all that he did and never sinned? NO! Why? Because he spent time with God the Father in prayer, fasting, and doing/saying only what he heard the Father tell him through the Holy Spirit. The Spirit had been given to Jesus the man in FULL measure WITHOUT LIMIT. Jesus had a personal relationship with the Father and the Spirit. He did only that which he was told to do.

Paul later on his letters told us to be imitators of Christ. Well, let me be one to say that I want to imitate Christ. Not in his miracles only but more importantly in the grace and mercy he showed and bestowed on those undeserving – us! I want to learn to be humble and serve as my Master did while here on earth. He gave himself for everyone. I may not be able to go that far, but I do want to be gracious and merciful and loving in God’s agape, self-sacrificing love. Don’t you?!?

Father, let my prayer be today that I want to imitate your one and only Son, Jesus, in every way. May your Spirit be given to me without limit. Not to fulfill my personal wants and desires but to love people and show them the way to the narrow gate that leads to the narrow path that leads to Life — Jesus! I humble myself today to learn how to serve you and to listen to your Spirit and do exactly as he says. May I come into the Light of Jesus, so people may see the great things you do in and through your people for your glory, and your glory alone!! In Jesus’ name, Amen.