The LORD will lead you.

The Lord your God himself will cross over ahead of you. – Deuteronomy 31:3a

Moses told the nation of Israel that he would not be able to lead them into the Promised Land because God had forbid it. Moses had disobeyed the LORD when he struck the second water-giving rock rather than speak to it, as God commanded. Thus, Moses would never enter the land of milk and honey. Instead, he informed the people that the LORD would go before them and lead the way.

How many times have I tried to tell God how to do it or where to go? How foolish of me, or anyone else for that matter. Reading this passage today, I realized the folly of trying to tell God how to do anything, as if I didn’t really know that already. Duh! Well, anyway, the truth of the matter is that the LORD will lead us and guide us via his Holy Spirit IF we will submit to God and allow HIM to be God. The Bible tells us that if we acknowledge God in ALL our ways, He will order our steps – the steps of a righteous person. So, the real question to all of us is, “Will we humble ourselves before God and allow him to lead and guide us into all truth, as Jesus promised?” Or, will we take it upon ourselves to continue to rebel against him and lead our own lives?

Father, please forgive me for every time that I tried to lead the way and steer the course of my life rather than relying on you to lead and guide me. Holy Spirit, sir, you are the all-wise, all-knowing Spirit of the living God. I’m sorry for ever doubting you and not fully placing my trust in you. I yield to you and acknowledge you in all my ways: good, bad, and otherwise. May you lead and guide me. I step back, so that you may take the point and lead. Thank you for being there for me. In Jesus’ name, Amen.