No stopping him.

For the next two years, Paul lived in Rome at his own expense. He welcomed all who visited him, boldly proclaiming the Kingdom of God and teaching about the Lord Jesus Christ. And no one tried to stop him. – Acts 28:30-31

Luke gives us the last comment on the life of Paul in the book of Acts. He tells us that under house arrest Paul preached and taught the word of God for two years, AND no one tried to stop him. Rome, Caesar, nor the Jews tried to stop Paul from preaching the Good News of Jesus despite the unrelenting pursuit of his life in all the previous years. He had greater freedom under the direct eye of the emperor than he did in his own country among his own people. Wow!

Here in the USA we have a great privilege and honor. We can preach and teach the word of God for any amount of time we wish without anyone impeding our work. The laws of our nation provide us with this great freedom; however, the current officials in power in Washington, D.C., would like to change that completely. There is a growing tide to strip away our freedom of worship/religion/right to assembly. The devil knows that his times grows shorter daily. Hold outs of freedom where people can worship and praise God without retribution are contrary to his plans. The time for his son to take the throne of the world stage approaches quickly. You can be sure that with the next 12-24 months your freedom to worship, your freedom to praise God, your freedom to share your witness, your freedom to assemble in church, your freedom to declare that Jesus is the only way to God the Father, and all the other freedoms in Christ we currently enjoy will be infringed upon by our government. The day fast approaches where such activity, if not sanctioned by the state, will land you in prison like Paul. Are you ready to give up your life for the sake of the King’s domain? Paul was.

Father, I see the imminent chaos that will ensue. It does not bode well for my people, your people. Satan will have his day, as you’ve predetermined. He has to set the stage for the arrival of his son on the earth much as you did for Jesus. Unfortunately, many will receive him because he comes in his own name while they rejected you, who came in the name of YHWH. Raise up your army and equip them to wage war against the demons and set free the captives. It is as Jesus said when he stood up in the synagogue and quoted Isaiah, The Spirit of the Lord is upon me, for he has anointed me to bring Good News to the poor. He has sent me to proclaim that captives will be released, that the blind will see, that the oppressed will be set free,