According to God’s Word.

So the land was distributed in strict accordance with the Lord’s commands to Moses. – Joshua 14:5

Joshua received word from God that the time had come to divide the land of Canaan among the 9 and a half tribes, who had yet to receive their land grants. Joshua divided the land per the instructions God gave to Moses and then in turn to him. The Bible tells us that Joshua allotted the land in STRICT accordance the commands God gave to Moses.

We need to learn to be obedient to God’s word like Joshua. We wonder sometimes why we face trials and tribulations in this life, but do we ever stop to wonder what the cause might be for such things? The LORD allows such testings to come our way for two reasons: he wants us to grow and be more like him or we have not obeyed his word and endure the consequences. I’m not advocating living under the Law, for we are not under the Law but Grace, as Paul said. However, there are still commands of God we must obey out of love for him. It is the Law of Love. Jesus said, “If you love me, keep my commandments.” What was the one big command he gave us? “Love others, even as I have loved you.”  And, elsewhere he said, “Freely you have received, freely give.” Do what Jesus tells us to do, and we will live in blessing.

Father, forgive me for not loving you as I should. There are many times that I’ve not even loved myself let alone anyone else – my neighbor. I do my best to love you and not let my heart grow cold and thereby lose my first love in Jesus. I don’t want to let the things ad cares of this world consume me and pull me away from you. Father, on this very day, I ask in petition for you to provide a new avenue of work – one that will take on that journey from place to place as Jesus did preaching the Good News and for repentance because the Kingdom of heaven is at hand. This is my earnest desire. I don’t care for money or things. I want to live a simple, unhindered life in submission to you. In Jesus’ name, Amen.