God answers prayers.

 God answered Manoah’s prayer… – Judges 13:9a

The parents of Samson received a visit from the Lord himself one day. He appeared first to the wife and then again later to them both. When Manoah, the husband, first heard of the strange visitor, the Lord, that he had not been able to see, he prayed that God would send him back to them. Then, as said before, some time later, the Angel of the Lord returned to these two and fulfilled the request of his prayer.

Oh to learn to write our thoughts and feelings in concise ways. This short phrase from Judges 13 says it all, doesn’t it? “God answered…prayer.” God is still in the habit and business of answering our prayers. In fact prayer is our method of communication with God on a daily basis. Many people think that God doesn’t answer prayers anymore, but he answers every prayer in one of three ways: with a yes, with a no, or with a not right now. When you pray, trust in God to hear you. He does! He will answer. Just be willing to accept the answer he gives.

Father, thank you loving us enough to answer our prayers. It is true that prayer is our way to talk with you. Many people don’t even take the time out of each day to spend time speaking with you. They are so caught up in the busy tasks of daily life. I read where Jesus would steal away to remote places at all hours of the day and night just to be alone with you and pray. He built his life around praying to you. Help me to be more like you, Jesus, and have the resolve and discipline to get away from it all, if necessary, and spend more time alone with you. Thank you. In Jesus’ name, Amen.